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Tuesday Jun 07, 2011

Kansas Blue Ribbon Commission on the Kansas Judiciary. Topeka, Kansas at Washburn University , Robinson Court Room. June 6th, 2011 Testimony of Claudine Dombrowski, Topeka, Kansas

Wednesday Nov 17, 2010

M. Jill Dykes GAL -Chris Dykes call to intimidate 10-19-2010 6:05 pm I receive a call on my mobile phone—it came up private—I answered. It was Jill Dykes husband. I asked if he could wait till I turned radio down a sec et I turned on recorder. As I turned on the recorder I also turned on the speaker. There are two witnesses as well as the audio recording. As this was an un- elicited call and it by the very fact that he called my private cell number –not in my name and in no way can be ‘googled’ was intimidating-- enough to me. Considering the ‘high charge’ of emotions in the Courthouse hallway earlier that day by M. Jill Dykes screaming through the hallways. I called police to make report of incident- TPD Case No. (I) 24438-10 1019-10 time 6 pm Officer J. Whitehead Badge # 071

Thursday Oct 07, 2010

Posted with permissions from: Montana Public Radio, KUFM, which ran on their news broadcast 10-5-2010. Interview with Assistant News Director Edward O'Brien and Kathleen Russell of the about the cottage industry of Guardian Ad Litems aka GAL's and the much needed State to State Reforms to pull their Immunity from accountability and prosecution for sending children to live with abusers in Disputed Child Custody Cases. Remember that therapeutic jurisprudence COSTS money, and prolongs litigation. It costs nothing to abrogate their immunity and/or to get rid of them. See,

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